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Aquatic Garden System 40*100cm

Product Description
The water of aquarium is good for living plant, while the returned water can be filterred by plant. It is really a very good concept for fish and living plant. The aquaponics systems is widely used all over the world. But these tanks mostly are very huge. It is just for aquaculture or grow vegetables. It does not suit to be put in home due to the limited area.

 Our new invent for living plant garden panels are good to change the suituation. And it can not only bring green in home, but also bring a good hobby. It can be easily put on the top area of the aquariums. And by using a digital timer pump to water the plant, we don't need maintain it.Then some plant can be survival on the wall very well. It is a good nature decoration. As we have been more than 15 years to making aquariums business. We fully understand aquarium and our customers are all nature lovers. So why not use the aquarium water to grow more plant ? Why not fully use of the top area of the aquarium tank? Why not make it a nature decoration for the wall ?

living plant garden panel is more than just a piece of nature world in your living room! It is exciting, instructive and a real healthy panel that can be alive and constantly changing. Children learn from nature and adults get an exciting alternative to the evening television program , cell phones or computers. Metope garden panels are not labour-intensive, as many people don't know about it or even mistakenly believe! Today, we invent and improve the panels to makes constantly changing, maintenance simple and space-saving. It is also a new gem combined with art and nature. 

integration of artificial plants and living plants make the panel more vivid
Easy to maintain and convenient to install the product
Please notice that the living plants on the panel is not included.

Intelligent watering machine manual

A.Product operation

1. Outdoor use in the room or covered by objects, but not in the water.

2. This unit has a built-in 3.7V lithium battery. It displays on when charging, and displays full oF (oFF). When low voltage, it displays Lo (Low) and flashes.

3.DAY button adjustable watering time interval (calculated by day): 0-9 cycles, 0 does not work, 1 (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) represents every 1 (2,3, 4,5,6,7,8,9) Watering the day. Press and hold the DAY button to directly water, then press any button to stop watering.

4.The TIME button adjusts the working time of each watering: 0-99 seconds loop, 00 does not work. Long press to quickly adjust.

5.Automatically watering the flowers 3 seconds after adjustment, press any button during the watering process to stop watering immediately; press DAY or TIME button to maintain the  previous settings without adjustment, and do not water this time.

B.Product Image:


C. Product parameters

1. material:ABS

2. Power supply:Rechargeable lithium battery

3. Working temperature:0℃~50

4. Working power:4W

5. Operating Voltage:3.7V

D. Tips:

1. Lithium battery powered.

2. Adjust the potting distance according to the actual potting position.

3. Easy to install, the whole process requires only a pair of scissors to cut the    pipe.

4. The product can be potted at a height of about 1 meter (placed in the ground or hung on the balcony railing), which can water two pots at the same time.

5. Do not need to connect the faucet, do not worry about water leakage, use ordinary buckets or large-capacity mineral water bottles.

You can choose the different buckle plants from our website, it's better to combine the fake and live plants together. This will make the painting more beautiful.