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Aqua Nano Bubble Bar Air Stone ASW series

Product Description
Aqua Nano Bubble Bar Air Stone ASW series

Product highlight:

-Super fine air bubbles

-Can be use with small air pump

-High dissolving rate and decorative


The production process of extremely fine pores and with air pump use can increase the area of air contact to achieve the purpose of high dissolved oxygen, and facilitate the mass reproduction of nitrifying bacteria, so as to stabilize the water quality and maintain the ecology of fish tank.

10cm air stone can be used with general 3w small air pump, (20cm,30cm,air stone can be used with 6w air pimp)

Instruction of use:

1Attach the air stone to airline tubing and air pump

2Placed the air stone into the aquarium

3Adjust the air flowrate if necessary
ASW-89212 (length:30CM)