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12/16MM ADA style aquarium lily glass pipe for aquarium plant

Product Description

Product description
* Horizontal Flow.
* High Quality Hand-made Glass.
* Ø13mm Suitable for 12mm/16mm tubing (12mm internal / 16mm external).
* Glass transparency give superb appearance to your aquarium.
* Minimize visibility of equipment inside your aquarium.
* Popular with Aquascapers.
* Delivers clean water from the filter and returns water to the filter to be cleaned.
* Use with canister filter.
* Designed for use on open top aquariums.
* Suction cups are included. Fix to side aquarium glass panels.

13mm Lily Pipes Set :

* Size : 13mm external diameter
* Suitable for 12/16mm pipe

16mm Lily Pipes Set :
* Size : 16mm external diameter
* Suitable for 16/22mm pipe