Shanghai Luby Pet Industries Co., LTD.
Founded in 2002, Shanghai Luby Pet Industries Co.,LTD is the manufacturer and professional supplier of nature products like aquarium, reptile, pond and garden ,aquaculture fields from China. We have 3 brand ourselves. Super Aquatic for aquarium line, Super reptile for reptile line, Super Pond for Pond and garden aquaculture equipment. 

Besides, our team are young, full of energy, we design, produce and supply good products and service to our customers. We welcomes any dealers, shop owners and investors join us.

Moreover, we are looking for reliable long-term formal business partners or nature lovers for reptile, aquatic, pond and aquaculture equipment all over the world. As we all known, the demand of products in this sector is increasing very rapidly home and abroad during these years, due to people natural appetence, and the market potential is still very strong. Hopefully, we can also help you with our experience of this sector.
So we think more and more people will look for nature scenery or memory in the future. They like to go back to nature! If life is busy and tired, It will really make more happy to see some nature beauty. Moreover, we also hope more and more people will be nature lovers, and try their best to protect the environment......That's the reason why we establish the company -----Shanghai Luby Pet Industries, we have a nature dream, we just go back to nature. we committed to nature products. We work for nature lovers. That's our job. 

30 years ago, When we were small children. we lived in the beautiful countryside. We could easily see a lot of fish, shrimp and small lobsters in the river, saw many kinds of flowers and plants near the road. At summer night, the tops of the trees rippled in the breeze, many stars twinkling in the sky, we could always hear song of frogs, crickets, birds...... That was the real beauty of the nature! Now, we live in the modern city, We can only see a lot of cars, buildings, shops..... , the land are covered with reinforced concrete, the water and air are badly polluted, some kinds of small animals are getting disappear. If our children ask us what is the beauty of the nature? Then how we answer them?