Shanghai Luby Pet Industries Co., LTD.
We deeply foucus on animal and plant products supplies industries since 2002.

Founded in 2002, Shanghai Luby Pet Industries Co.,LTD is the manufacturer for plastic injection, garden equipment and professional supplier of nature products like aquarium, reptile, pond and garden fields from China. 

We have 6 brands ourselves. Super Aquatic for aquarium line, Super Reptile for reptile line, Super Pond for Pond & pool products, Luby for pet products, Metope Garden & Furni Garden for garden products. We also have a large warehouse in Shanghai, where is very close to the largest sea port in China. So we can successfully handles a lot of complicate orders for our customers.

"Let's go back to nature" is the core concept that our company has been adhering to since we established in 2002. Our mission in this life is to provide quality products and services for nature lovers with better price. Besides, our team are young, full of energy, we design, produce and supply good products and service to our customers. We have a strong ability to integrate resources in aquarium, reptile,pond and garden area. We are looking for reliable long-term formal business partners or nature lovers to work together.

Please feel free to look at our brief history and what we have done in past years.
  • 1993

    Plastic injection

    A small factory specializing in making iron mould for plastic injection. At that time,it was a very tired and difficult job for first Generation.
  • 1998

    OEM Production

    Enlarge the business to plastic injection, start to produce accessories for aquariums, pets and protective and garden equipment for several large factories on OEM mode.
  • 2002


    With the help of the new investor and many efforts of the second generation, we successfully moved to a larger place in Fengxian district, Shanghai. We have a first formal company name, Shanghai Luby International co.,ltd. We start to research and produce some equipment for pet and fish. At that time, many customers need variety equipment of fish and pets. So we also set a warehouse in our factory to keep all kinds of aquariums and pet accessories to satisfy with their requirement. We start to export these products with large quantity to all over the world.
  • 2006


    We set up equipment for reptiles. We are one of the top three reptile equipment suppliers in China. We design and produce a new MDF cage for reptile, we call MDF vivariums, it sells successfully in European countries, and also USA countries.
  • 2007


    In Early 2007, we set a professional website for display our products. which is one of the most popular website for aquariums, reptiles and ponds products in China. in 2007, we set up equipment for ponds. We research and develop the first generation filter, UV light for ponds. 
  • 2009

    Shanghai Luby

    In 2009, we change the company name to Shanghai Luby pet industries co.,ltd.
  • 2010

    Online shop

    We set up a e-commerce web shop, specially sell equipment for aquariums and pond and reptiles online. 
  • 2011

    Pet toys

    We also start a new industry of pet toys, which is also very successfully, we sell it to large chain stores in USA.
  • 2012


    We start to set up the equpments for aquaculture, like aerators, pumps, which is also successfully sold to south American countries and Turkey market. They are highly welcomed by the shrimp farmers.
  • 2015

    Boating motor

    Developed together with our customer, we lunch a boating motor for pool area, which also sold with large quantity, aquarium, reptile, pond and aquaculture are still our main business.
  • 2016

    Garden Products

    We also start to design and produce some garden products. We foucus on some indoor garden products and also supply large range of outdoor garden products for nature lovers.
  • 2022

    Keep on moving

    to be continued in the future...