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Aquaponic Aquarium for Home

Product Description

Our aquaponic fish tank is a magic symbiosis system of fish, vegetables and microbes; Microbes break down fish drung as  nutrients which grows the plants on the top, and the plants clean the water for fish swimming in it.


Siphon Oxygen Supply&Thermostat Equipped: Equipped with siphon system, the water level of the tank on the top keeps in  tidal-like fluctuation, which not only garantees the roots of plants immersed 


in the water, but also let them breath the oxysen freely and regularly; A natural oxysen supply circles in 2 minutes, offerring a naturer experience for lovely fish.


Self-Cleaning Function: The hydroponic system help change the dirty water into clean water; The mini pump draws the dirty  water into the tray on the top, the fish waste in the water is converted into plant fertilizer, and then the filtered clean water is   returned into the tank for fish.


Suitable for Various Hydroponic Plant: Our aquaponic fish tank Aquarium is suitable for over 150 hydroponic vegetables and plants,  like green dill, asparagus, pocket coconut, mint, basil, rosemary, etc. A great gift for foodies and growing lovers.


Experience the Magic of Growing Your Own Plants: COVID-19 keeps us isolated from nature and party, but our water garden reconnnet the family and nature together; With our hydroponic fish tank, you can enjoy the pleasure of making a green salad with your own food; Instead of feeling bored and lonely at home, you will experience the magic of growing your own food and plants.


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