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6 in 1 Aquarium Lens for Reef Coral Tank

Product Description

6 in 1 Aquarium Lens for Reef Coral Tank

Coral filter, six in one set series
Full yellow + fUll orange: remove blue light and increase coral color
Gradient yellow + gradient orange: to remove blue light, the gradation process adapts to more blue light intensity, adjustable
CPL filter: filter the reflection of glass and water to increase saturation
10X macro lens: close-Up corals, zoom in and shoot

37mm large hole clip: suitable for most mobile phones on the market
Material:Aluminum alloy

Package Contents:
1 x 37mm large hole clip
1 x full yellow filter
1 x full orange filter
1 x CPL filter
1 x 10X macro lens
1 x gradient orange filter
1 x gradient yellow filter
1 x Storage bag

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