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Simple Gardening Shears

Product Description

Simple Gardening Shears

Material: The scissors blade is made of 3CR13 stainless steel and is very sharp. The surface of the blade is electroplated and it is not easy to rust, making your garden work easier and faster.
Ergonomic handle: The handle is made of non-slip PP material, durable and soft; the handle is grooved for easy carrying, light and comfortable to hold; the exquisite appearance will make the cut look quite practical and fashionable.
Application: This kind of scissors is very suitable for flower arrangement. It is used to cut flower lines, ribbons, paper, preserve flowers, etc.
Easy to maintain: scissors are very easy to clean and maintain. After each use, the leaves and sludge on the scissors can be wiped off with a cloth dampened with a small amount of oil and some mechanical oil applied to the surface to keep the cut. Shiny and sharp. Do not place it in a damp environment.
Suitable for all gardening: these pruning shears are a must for amateurs or commercial growers. They care about the quality of the products and like to trim the plants by hand. In the process of trimming stems, roots or trimming flowers, we believe that these scissors can do the job.

Material: 3CR13 stainless steel
Handle material: PP + rubber
Product size :17*10cm
Blade length: 75mm
Blade thickness: 3mm

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