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Portable Garden Loop Hoe Tool Garden Hula Hoes

Product Description

Portable Garden Loop Hoe Tool Garden Hula Hoes


【NEW DESIGN】- The product adopts a special hollow design, which is a very practical hand tool for gardeners. It can be used for daily gardening work such as weeding, loosening soil and planting vegetables. With the hoe extended, simply pull it back for quick weeding without you having to bend over.

【Easy to Use】- The flexible triangular metal head slides easily under the weeds, severing the weed roots below the surface, leaving a nice clean weed-free area, drastically reducing weeding time.

【STRONG AND DURABLE】- The wide and sharp metal blade removes thick weeds on hard soil and landscape rocks quickly and flexibly, the solid metal end will not bend and wobble.

【HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL】- Our garden hoe tool long handle is made of stainless steel, which is stronger and more durable than many wooden handles on the market. Rust and corrosion resistant, can be used for many years.

【Widely used】-Family weeding/ditching/soil loosening/seeding etc.


Material:Premium Steel

Material of Handle Top: Plastic

Color: black

Designed as weeding tool, scuffle hoe, action hoe, hula hoe, dutch hoe for flower and garden beds, sand and farmyard. 

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